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SUMO Day is that time of the week where the whole Mozilla community comes together to answer incoming questions on the support forum for Firefox, Firefox for Android, and Firefox for iOS users.


Hundreds of users post questions every day on the Mozilla support forums. The SUMO community works hard to answer all of them in a timely manner but this is sometimes hard due to the high volume of questions received every day. Every other week we're organizing a sprint where we come together and try to answer everything within 24 hours. As our users are very important to us we want to engage as many Mozillians as possible and make some users happy!


Every other Thursday starting with 12am PST. Yes, we're starting early as we're spread around in multiple time zone and everybody can participate. PST based contributors usually join us around 8am PST.

The universal etherpad for SUMO days from 8/22/17 on is [[1]]

What's in it for you

  • Get the chance to interact with our users and their issues
  • Get more in-depth knowledge about Mozilla products and the cool stuff you can do.
  • Test your Firefox knowledge and people skills. Can you educate your granny on how profiles work?
  • Make some people happy from the comfort of your couch! There's nothing like a happy Firefox user thanking you for making his day!
  • Have some fun hanging out with the SUMO community on IRC #sumo and get to know us! We're an awesome bunch!

Warning: Answering questions can be addictive!

Interested in finding out more?

Please contact Rachel McGuigan, Technical Community Manager [2]