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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2007-10-25

  • Sumo
    • Status of 1.10 tiki upgrade and 0.1 milestone
      • Upgrade completed yesterday by morgamic and oremj
      • Next step is to work on persistent login, custom cookies. Didn't want to do this until after the upgrade (pointless to patch old code that is to be replaced)
      • Couple of new bugs added to the 0.1 milestone
      • Targeted release date: next Tuesday (slipped because Nelson is on a conference all week)
      • morgamic to work on bug fixes whole of Monday
    • Urchin account
      • Can gather basic stats right now (page views, sessions, bounce rate, session length)
      • Need webdev or the tiki community to get the stats from tiki in an easy way. Preferably just a single page where you can select start and end dates.
    • Getting info from Firefox devs on regressions after a release
  • Knowledge Base
    • Video
      • Everyone to make one or two videos and upload to the relevant article
      • The idea is to show people approximately what we have in mind, with the intent to attract the community with some sort of contest.
    • Creating mozillaZine FAQ content
      • The purpose is to change the stickied topics in the popular mZ forums updated to link to Sumo. For that, we need to have all relevant content on Sumo.
      • All articles assigned, should be completed by next meeting.
    • Troubleshooting links
      • Chris to follow through on the plan to add troubleshooting links on "help" articles
      • The important thing is to get the troubleshooting links in there
    • Splitting Help and Support articles
      • Decision to be made next Tuesday in Toronto, when Nelson is there.
    • Article layout status
      • jslater and djst disagreed on the mockup, but agreed on many of the issues in the current design
      • Basic idea agreed upon is to still do most of the changes suggested, but stay away from purely artistic changes and only focus on functional/layout changes
  • Forums
    • No real news.
    • The forums supposedly look less ugly after the upgrade.
  • Live Chat
    • Decide a day for testing (how about November 26th?)
    • morgamic to file bugs related to the server administration and setup
    • Lucy to get people play with it before that