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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2007-11-15

  • Sumo
    • 0.1 milestone status [1]
      • Status of the two remaining bugs unknown. Asked morgamic
      • Nelson offered help to morgamic
    • Slight changes to weekly metrics [2]
      • Changed bounce rate metrics to cover the start page only instead of an average
        • The start page should have a very low bounce rate
        • Good start to look at that page
        • Might want to monitor more pages in the future
      • Set up a public Google Docs spreadsheet for the weekly metrics [3]
      • Need a fix for bug 398606 to get most of the weekly metrics. Suggest giving that bug a higher priority.
    • Nelson Ko hired by WebDev!
      • Will work 20-30 hours/week on SUMO starting next week
      • Good start would be to look at Jason's patches [4]
  • Knowledge Base
    • Extension support [5]
      • We will make sure people can search for common extension related problems and end up at a generic "extension problems" article with instructions on how to diagnose, disable or uninstall extensions that are causing problems.
      • If a top 10 search query ends up being related to a specific extension, we should provide an article that at least says "you're having a problem with FooBar and here's how to uninstall it." That article should then link to the above "extension problems" article.
      • We will not provide support for extensions, but we want to help our users fixing their problems. That's prio #1.
    • PRD is updated with contributor process, and new bugs. (cilias)
    • Chris asked if there was a glossary already in existence, and Jeff Walden pointed me to <>, which is more a style guide, than a glossary. [6]
      • Mic to get back to djst with more information about this next week.
    • Received feedback comments on articles on the staging server. Nelson to take the staging server off Google.
  • Forums
    • 0.3 milestone targeted at mid-December
  • Live Chat
    • 0.4 milestone targeted at December
    • Some bugs in the Live Chat solution. Lucy to communicate with Jive Software to make sure they are aware of the problems.