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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2007-11-22

  • Sumo
    • New meeting time
      • Proposed change: Tuesdays, 23 CET / 5 pm EST / 2 pm PST
        • Still doesn't work for Jason
        • He might be able to ask to get time off for a meeting every other week?
    • 0.1 milestone [1] status: "I managed to code the prefs in a way that fits upstream, but after a kernel upgrade last week the test box behind the netscaler failed, so IT is currently fixing that so support-stage can work again and I can test. [...] This was fixed today, they had to use a reboot CD to physically restore the login mechanism because it got switched off of LDAP during the kernel upgrade." -- morgamic
      • Nelson to check with morgamic to see if he can volunteer to test things out.
    • Weekly metrics [2]
      • Search result for "firefox 3" shows very old article description that was modified one week ago. Again, Google indexes way too slow for us
      • Search engine for is Lucene Nutch. Is morgamic responsible for that? djst to ask around
      • 404 errors
        • Probably related to the IE only stylesheet
        • 20% of visitors use IE, need to make sure stylesheet is OK
    • Updated roadmap [3]
  • Knowledge Base
    • l10n strategy [4]
      • When the 0.5 milestone is released, we will start approaching the smaller or non-existent communities
    • In-product help l10n requirements
      • Would really help if we could get the localized in-product help content up on SUMO using an automated script that converted the html to wiki syntax
      • Nelson to investigate how much time/effort is needed to pull that off
      • The idea is to be able to say to localizers: "hey, we have moved your content to SUMO so you can do the Firefox 3 updates there instead!"
      • If this is possible, we could use SUMO as in-product help
  • Forums
    • No updates, other than the fact that we have an estimated launch of mid-December
  • Live Chat
    • Lucy to mail morgamic about server issues he possibly forgot about