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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2007-12-04

  • Sumo
    • Weekly metrics [1]
    • Support:Search Requirements updated
      • Everyone in the team to review them and make sure they are correct and complete
    • 0.1 and 0.2 status
      • 0.1 is delayed because of security issues. morgamic to finish this week, "hopefully".
      • 0.2 is on track.
        • Nelson to complete all bugs assigned to him by the end of this week.
        • When all bugs are fixed, we will resync SUMO with the latest tiki codebase, hopefully no later than Monday next week.
        • It is important that we do the resync asap so we don't have to do double work to merge Jason's patches for 0.3.
        • Original plan was to wait for morgamic to get in his updates. We need to fix that 0.1 bug
    • We should not mark bugs fixed that aren't fixed on our servers. Instead, we should use a whiteboard status and make sure the whiteboard column is listed in our milestone bug lists. Jeremy to help with the bug lists.
  • Knowledge Base
    • In-product help plan (proposal)
      1. We complete SUMO milestones 0.2 and 0.3 (simplifying article editing + release Firefox forums). ETA mid-December.
        1. Nelson starts working on the "in-product html to wiki" converter script. He estimates about 16 hours of work for that, which translates to around beta 2 launch.
        • Meanwhile, webdev and the SUMO team work on milestone 0.4 (Live Chat) to make sure we deliver our Q4 goals, which are forums + chat.
      1. We freeze the in-product help content on the trunk and perform the import, verifying that all content is imported to SUMO and works. ETA after the holidays.
      2. We get the localizers rolling on updating their respective pages for Firefox 3 on SUMO instead of in-product.
        • Meanwhile, Nelson and webdev works on 0.5 (localization support; basically things like supporting a proper url format and other things -- not blocking localizers to hack on their pages!)
        • Meanwhile, development can work on updating the in-product help viewer.
    • We now have dynamic content. (cilias)
    • Feel free to test Fx3 articles in new testing Firefox 3 articles category. (cilias)
      • We should decide on how we want to handle Fx3/Fx2 content by the end of December (that's when we plan on importing the in-product content for all locales).
  • Forums
    • Jason has done some good work making the forum look more like the mockups [2]
    • Nelson to start working on 0.3 as soon as SUMO is resynched with tiki.
  • Live Chat
      • Problem with a window popping up and disappearing. Jeremy knows what the problem is and will help Lucy
    • Info we want to gather from users
      • The page can detect the UA string, which we can use to get info about the browser, browser version, and operating system.
      • Jeremy to help Lucy with some aspects of this.
    • Templating issues - can we fix em?
      • Again, Jeremy will assist Lucy with this.