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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2007-12-17

  • Sumo
    • Weekly metrics [1]
      • We can now collect number of new/modified KB articles, number of forum posts, and number of active KB/forum users [2]
      • Depend on [3] to get Participation stats
      • To file separate bug for Performance stats
    • Community Survey [4] focusing on user-to-user support
      • Purpose is to get a better understanding of how Mozilla is doing with community support in the different languages and what we can do to improve the situation
      • Survey to be translated to around 10 languages this week
      • Survey should be launched later this week and will run for a couple of weeks
  • Knowledge Base
    • In-product help plan
      • Proposing to link directly to SUMO in a standard Firefox tab or new window.
        • Saves us from having to deal with a separately cached, static version of the site on a separate server
        • No problem with search (we use what we have today)
        • Less work for the Firefox development team (can just strip out the help viewer and change some links
        • Obviously depends on webdev to fix memcache and other performance issues
        • Waiting for comments from the development team (mconnor + beltzner)
  • Forums
    • 0.3 status [5]
    • Forum launch activities
      • On track
      • Resync staging -> live today or tomorrow
      • Add links to the forums and announce it on Wednesday
        • Plan is to link to the mZ forums and the SUMO forums simultaneously first, and see how we handle the load
  • Live Chat
    • Get the server up and running (today?)
      • Lucy and Nelson to work on getting a separate template ready so we can put the script
        for Live Chat on it
    • Test day for "some" users (Wednesday?)
      • Lucy to write announcement and make sure we have what we need to test the product during a few hours of that day
    • Add links to Live Chat on the side bar, making the launch official (Friday?)
      • Assuming we're not running into any serious problems with the test day, this should be the target
      • Can work more on polish and release next week too, as long as we do it within Q4
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