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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2008-02-11

Attendees: djst, jason, chris, lucy, matthew, jeremy, morgamic, nelson


  • Performance issues
    • Log out [1]
    • Caching [2]
    • SUMO hasn't been an issue for IT; load for db is fine; sometimes the whole site goes down because it locks the whole sessions table
    • Basic perf prio:
      1. Turn off auto-sessions for people not logged in
      2. Enable caching [3]
      3. Memcaching [4]
    • Things like profiling can be done to optimize the performance of the app layer
  • Weekly metrics [5]
    • Top 5 search strings account for < 5% of total searches
    • Top 100 is < 18% of total searches
    • Increased searches for update, updates
  • 0.5 milestone status (localization) [6]
    • Because of the added bugs, new target date is February 25th
    • UI now localizable dynamically on staging server [7]
      • Allows admins and locale leaders to translate UI strings e.g. "Table Of Contents" directly on the page, completing the l10n experience for users
      • Still some elements that are not localizable - should file a bug to keep track of those
      • Please test!
  • 0.6 milestone status (in-product help) [8]
    • Target date pushed back to March 7th because of 0.5
    • Create new start page [9]
    • ...then create separate in-product landing page [10]
  • Suggested 0.7 milestone: Improve the forums
    • Topic answered
    • Better theme
    • More...
  • In process of redirecting pages to equivalents.
  • Candidate revisions to Mozilla's web site privacy policy
    • People should read this

Knowledge Base

  • Chris has started implementing the SHOWFOR plugin on the rest of the KB, but there are some major/minor bugs. [11][12]
    • SHOWFOR spans are used, which means the "OS:All" option can't be used
    • Could use a document describing to content writers how SHOWFOR works and should be used.
  • 6 new requests, 0 new articles
  • No new contributors
    • We don't have the edit this page for users not logged. This might be a reason.
    • Should definitely make "edit this page" and "translate this page" show for users not logged in [13]
  • We had our first case of vandalism.
    • Someone tried to edit the Profiles article, wiping content and include a link
    • Staging system prevented it from ever going live -- a testament of the awesomeness of the review system!
    • Highlighted a lack of ability to ban by IP [14]
  • Still a lot of comment traffic. Text and bolding still needs work [15]
    • The bold text on "ask a support question" right above the big text area might fool people


  • 25-50% increase in threads, probably due to the upgrade
    • Lots of firewall issues
      • App on Windows that can track what Firewalls are running
      • Should ask mconnor about the connection self-diagnostics in Firefox [16]
    • Looking into using trolly's EnumProcess [17]
      • Sounds like he likes the input on suggested changes, and also wants help testing it
      • Jason to post link to the software in the newsgroup
  • Software upgraded.
    • Mostly bug fixes, e.g. permanent links to forum posts
    • Added "Report a post" feature.
    • Looking for feedback on the biggest problems. [18]
      • Not possible to cache
      • Some of the most annoying problems are not forum specific - cache bug makes us lose textarea contents when pressing back.

Live Chat

  • Not much done last week
  • Stats up 267 chats requested, 51 unanswered, 3 people left on their own, 48 never made it to an agent
  • Updated the server this week
  • Renewed license for another 6 months
  • Why was Live Chat down last week?
    • Server restart, then IT upgraded the software. Everytime the server restarts, the Openfire process needs to start up manually
    • Lucy to file IT request to get this fixed