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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2008-03-10


  • Weekly metrics [1]
  • 0.6 milestone status (in-product help) [2]
    • Server push this week with performance fixes
  • SUMO day
    • A day for new contributors to get a good introduction to the various ways of contributing to the project
    • Also a day for experienced contributors to learn more about SUMO
    • Finally a day to strengthen the social aspects of collaboration and get new contacts
    • Ideal outcome:
      • More people regularly connecting to #sumo, making traditionally non-interactive contributions like KB article writing more of a collaborative effort
      • More contributors
      • Better overall knowledge of technologies used and plans for the future
    • Pick a day soon, e.g. end of next week. Has to be a day when most of our regular contributors will be available.
    • Announce date in time on various channels, such as SUMO blog, personal blogs, SFX, about:mozilla newsletter, etc
  • Rewarding contributors
    • Important aspect is to show recognition and allow people to get their privileges elevated. E.g. a blog post every once in a while with mentions of our top five contributors. O
    • What to base recognition on? TikiWiki has a karma scoring system, but it might not give an accurate picture as it depends more on how people use the system than what they contribute
      • np: Asked contributors and they didn't really like the idea of getting rated
      • zzxc: Concern of competition and abuse of the system
      • cww: Doesn't matter how you give people recognition, but that you do it

Knowledge Base

  • 22 new KB articles (1 new en article without a bug report)
  • 56 modified articles
    • mostly from locale leaders updating and translating content
  • 22 active contributors
  • Discussion about Firefox 3 content
    • Time to update regular KB articles to Firefox 3, while still supporting Firefox 2
    • Rename "Firefox 3" content view selector to "Firefox 3 Beta" to reflect the fact that it's not a released product
  • Bugzilla: 6 new article requests, 5 new article bugs[3]
  • Congratulations to AliceWyman who is now a KB article approver! Excited to have her with us
  • New contributor: Leonidis Jones. Welcome!
  • Community Support was renamed to Other Firefox support: This covers two separate issues:
  1. Having a page called "Community Support" gives a false impression that is not a community site.
  2. We can use it to list other support web sites as well, such as MozillaZine, PluginDoc, etc.; and other locales which already have large communities elsewhere have a place to put links.
  • Still looking for ideas for hidden tags[4].
  • Start updating with Firefox 3 content soon.


  • Traffic a bit down from last week, but about the same as it's been for a month.
    • Statistics on what people are linking to in forum threads. Looking for ways to knock off some of the traffic. [5]
  • 0.7 requirements getting feedback from contributors [6][7]
  • Contributors complaining about the site being slow. ~20 seconds to load forum pages.
  • Noticed a couple new contributors, remains to be seen if they become regulars.

Live Chat

  • Cww providing status (Lucy didn't participate this meeting)
  • A bunch of new contributors! Doing the best we can to train them.
  • New KB article category for Live Chat documentation, editable by administrators and trusted Live Chat contributors
    • Would make sense to move regular KB contributor documentation to a similar category, editable by not only admins, but trusted KB contributors