Support/Weekly Meetings/Minutes 2010-04-19

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  • Weekly metrics
    • Rows 33, 34, and 35 are added to compare our growth and success with Firefox ADU numbers
    • Number of forum thread went down significantly, and so did the Windows start page bounce rate. Not sure exactly why. Maybe a search problem in the 'Ask a question' app? jsocol to look at spikes in AAQ error logs. cilias to look at daily numbers. Might also be a good candidate for a metrics test.
    • We're investigating why so many people search for "cookies". One possibility is that they are seeing the link in the search box. We're not tracking which searches are typed right now, but we should make sure it is possible with Webtrends.

Knowledge Base

  • Kitsune KB decisions page is ready for discussion. We will be going through it this week.
  • Shae Rivard is working on Personas articles.
    • Go Shae!
  • We will be updating articles for OOPP ASAP
    • The sooner the better, because we nee to allow time for localizers to apply the changes before Firefox 3.6.4.
  • KB audit is finishing up - Michael will post his notes by the end of Tuesday. Currently there are two user experience test video posted there.
    • Everyone should watch the videos! It is a great insight as to how support is used by people not familiar with the system.
  • In support of our goal to increase helpfulness by 2% we've outlined some tests that we want to run.


  • no update

Live Chat

  • zzxc is collecting responses to a new contributor survey, which we're using to compare the reach of Live Chat with other methods of support. (If you're interested in answering the survey and I haven't given it to you yet, ask me on IRC)
  • We're working to finalize the timeline for delivering the web-based client


  • Starting today, we'll let people help on Twitter using their own Twitter account. A contributor page and blog post are ready for review and feedback. Next week, we plan to announce it on Facebook.
    • Metrics on this will be hard to compile. We shouldn't do it by hand.