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Test Pilot 2017 Q4 Objectives and Key Results

Final Status (Dec 31) Comments
Objective 1 Improve Test Pilot so that the Test Pilot program is a pleasure to use and improves engagement with experiments.
KR1 Implement 3 new features inspired by user feedback or x-functional need
KR2 Produce a document defining process and interactions with teams
KR3 Publish 12 blog posts on the Test Pilot blog
Objective 2 Grow Screenshots usage and expand offered features so that people find Screenshots to be a useful tool.
KR1 Implement 3 new features inspired by user feedback
KR2 Publish results from 3 A/B tests
KR3 Get 5000 total pieces of feedback from survey
KR4 Deliver a document planning Screenshots interaction with Firefox
KR5 Demonstrate via a dashboard that Screenshots is within RAIL guidelines
Objective 3 Find, guide, and graduate ideas and experiments into features so that Test Pilot is a proven valuable input to the future direction of Firefox
KR1 In Firefox Send, do a total of four new features or new A/B tests
KR2 Complete UX spec for Tab Split
KR3 Deliver a working prototype of the Theme Experiment
KR4 Deliver a document planning a design sprint in Q1
KR5 Publish graduation reports for four experiments



  • We elected not to have any retention related goals because it didn't seem like we have enough time in a quarter to decide on a change, implement it, and measure it for any meaningful amount of time.