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Thunderbird 3.0b2

Major Areas

Major areas of Beta 2 with items in priority order and owned

User Experience

Any major gain in the Thunderbird user experience (ex: removal of manual configuration, less dialogs)


Major improvements to the platform, improving our and others abilities to innovate in communication

Bugs / Regressions

Unintended regressions or bugs introduced as a result of previous or current changes


For each milestone we plan to have landed the listed items. Items with string changes should target one of these milestones.


2 Somewhat evenly spaced milestones before the Final / Release date

2008-12-31 — Dec 31, 2008

  • Activity Manager missed, bumped to jan
  • Archive missed, bumped to jan

2008-1-15 — Jan 15, 2009

  • Autoconfig at risk, bumped to final
  • Activity Manager
  • Archive


Do not add items in here that require string changes.

Previous Releases