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Initial goals below, created at beginning of quarter.

  • Drive the Education/Culture Working Group
    • Main roadmap: Contribute/Education/Roadmap_v2
    • Status: Re-adjusted roadmap for remainder of 2014 after join working group meeting in August. Because so much of the work identified is about documentation, the primary way I am driving Education WG this quarter is to setup a regular, on-line community docs sprint: bug 1064544. Visit the roadmap to see other Q3 goals.
    • Continue to test and refine community building modules
      • Focus: Facilitation, communication and decision-making module improvement, test-run at least 2-3 more times this quarter.
      • Status: This is much more narrowly focused for Q3. Jennie and I are working on one thing: a game to teach/practice giving and receiving feedback. We've submitted it to MozFest where we plan to play-test it and get feedback.
      • Related bugs: bug 1064530
  • Guide WWG in continuing to improve the Mozilla Wiki
  • Drive education-related feedback within the CBT team. Support others as they make use of educational resources when partnering with teams to help them design for participation.
    • Continue to improve Community Lifecycle document (supporting role to Michelle)
      • Focus: Improving task checklists, adding case studies and/or specific examples where needed.
      • Related bugs: bug 1064568
      • Status:I've been making periodic minor updates to this. Need to connect with Michelle on planned work for rest of Q3 and Q4.
    • New: help organize and document CBT efforts
      • Status: I've added this to highlight the work I'm doing to document CBT efforts, including our organizing our Contribute/Roadmap.
    • Incorporate feedback from teams and community into community building curriculum
      • Focus: Creating mozilla-specific activities around which modules are centered.
      • Note: I don't remember what this means!
  • Partner with select teams and help them design for participation.
    • Guide Web Productions, Marketplace and L10n through community building lifecycle
    • Continue to advise MozCamp planning teams on how to make events more community-focused.
      • Status: No longer applicable. Turned into Contribution Challenges.
    • Engage with Mozilla governance structure and make progress towards addressing project-wide governance issues that affect community building.
  • Bring in relevant expertise and knowledge from outside of Mozilla to enrich our offerings and help us avoid reinventing the wheel.
    • Continue to build relationships with open knowledge communities outside of Mozilla. Find a way to formalized these relationships and/or share information gained through them with rest of Mozilla.
      • Related bugs: none yet
      • Status: Did relationship building with folks at OKFestival and WikiMania this year, including people from Open Knowledge Foundation, Open Coalition and WMF. (Todo: add some more info here.)