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Hack Jam Organizer Notes

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Make Something! 10 – 50 people. A day. In a spacious office, community space, or cafe.

A Hack Jam is about teams building prototypes that create real world solutions. It works best when you mix in different skill sets (coders, designers, webmakers, journalists, filmmakers, etc) and address a challenge or topic that you all care about.

We’ve been testing a variety of hack jams, and folks familiar with the tech world also know these events come in a range of flavors.

Get ideas flowing.


Introduce a challenge and brainstorm solutions.

  • Example challenges:
    • remix a website
    • pull in live data to tell a story
    • design a basic web game
    • improve online commenting
  • How:

Play with a new tool.

Identify tools or techniques to help build your ideas. Teach others how they work.

Sprint to a workable prototype.

Transform ideas into demos or prototypes in teams. Share what was made.

  • Examples:
    • Remix a website to include profiles of each member
    • Convert a filmmaker’s vision into an interactive demo for the web.
    • Create Lovebombs for an entire organization
    • Hack a JS library to include 3D printing parameters

Sample Invitation

    Want to learn how to remix the web? Join me in LOCATION, DATE.
    It's fun to learn & make something with friends. I'd like to play with code & thought you might, too!
    On DATE we're gathering in LOCATION to share what we know about the web and make something fun.
    There will be yummy snacks, web hacking, and the company of friends! Bring a computer, if you can.
    Let me know if you're interested in joining.
    — Sincerely, YOU


Here’s some recommended agendas, with the same invitation to hack them and make them your own!
Mozilla Hack Jam for Video Makers
Mozilla Youth Ambassador Program
Hackasaurus Hackjam
Hackasaurus for Professional Development
Eyebeam Digital Day Camp

Here are more ideas to help you prepare!

Interview your peers

When organizing an event, it's important to know why your participants want to be there.

Ask people beforehand:

  • What they are working on
  • What they have to share
  • What they want to learn and make

Find a space

Find a comfortable spot where it's easy to move around and arrange the chairs in collaborative setups. You can host one in an office, community space or a even cafe.


  • Access to wifi and power
  • Natural lighting, good ventilation, and restrooms
  • Food and drinks

Pick a Date

Getting your event on the calendar is the essential step before you can send invitations and plan in earnest.


  • Give yourself lead time
  • Pick something that works for you and your friends
  • Confirm the space is available for the date and times you prefer

Need help?

While you don't need anybody's permission to organize a webmaker event, we have a team of passionate people ready to help you with planning and answer your questions.

  • Let us know you're interested or thinking about organizing an event.
  • Let us put you in touch with others in your region who are part of the Mozilla network
  • Let us help you in making use of this event kit, and making it better in the process

Join the Webmaker community call or email michelle — at — mozillafoundation — org with questions, suggestions, or hacks!

Tell us how it went!

I ran this event. This is what we did!

  • Tell us!
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  • Tell us!

I hacked this event. This is what we did!

  • Tell us!
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