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List of problems

Names are messed up

  • Currently it shows the downloader, then "1" and then saved/liberated
  • Should be promoter, chosen verb, downloader.


  • Not valid XHTML


  • Needs to have a better reaction when JS is off.

Needs better image

  • Poor quality Firefox logo (look at the LHS)
    • Should use a PNG with drop shadow

Stop rotation button

  • Stop rotation button not in a very intuitive place
  • Would be nice to use the fox or somewhere near it as the stop rotation button as you can get the names where you want them and then still navigate to the fox without causing the names to rotate again.
  • See "Style issues with names," rotation should stop while a name is being hovered.

Rotates too fast when mousing away from the content area

  • Reduce the area that affects rotation. Preferably only affect rotation when mouse is actually over the fox or the names area.
  • Alternately, reduce max rotation speed.

Cross-browser compatibility

  • Positioning problems in Opera

Search results

  • When there are 0 results, it says "showing results 1 to 0"
  • Search for a name, focus another window, go back to Firefox, and it's now showing results only for the first two letters of your search term (not reproducible). Also seems to happen when I type too fast, perhaps bug 256763

Get more names

  • If we're feeling awesome, we could continue loading new names and dropping old ones as time passes, instead of the crappy "next page" UI.
  • Otherwise a "See more names" link would be nice.

Style issues with names

  • Not enough contrast between names that overlap
  • Names change color on highlight implying they're clickable
    • Either you can't click on the names and this is wrong, or
    • Have you tried catching a name after noticing it's clickable? Rotation should stop when a name is highlighted so you can click on it.