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  • Evolve Consumer Experience
    • [ON TRACK] Design and execute A/B test of AMO home page with goal of improving conversions
    • [ON TRACK] Launch consumer blog that highlights one interesting add-on a day with an integrated strategy to get add-ons discovered by a mainstream enthusiast audience
    • [ON TRACK] Complete proposal for Add-ons Manager that incorporates a cutting edge browse experience
    • [DROPPED] Move primary browsing, submission, and management of Personas from to AMO
    • [ON TRACK] Easy e-mail sharing of add-ons as gifts
    • [DROPPED] Personal add-on recommendations powered by Genius-like engine
    • [ON TRACK] Launch next version of Add-on Collector with support for installing add-ons on a mobile device from the desktop
    • [ON TRACK] Prototype automatic add-on updates using an add-on
    • [ON TRACK] Design and implement new look for sandboxed add-ons to better reflect the security implications of installing unreviewed add-ons
  • Widen Developer Audience
    • [AT RISK] Co-drive with Labs the evolution of Jetpack to provide 80% of the capability required by top add-ons
    • [CARRY OVER] Launch XUL curriculum for creating add-ons
    • [ON TRACK] Revamp and simplify Statistics Dashboard
    • [NEW] Create "meetup kits" for the international add-ons community to host their own meetups
    • [AT RISK] Host 1 meetup in Mountain View and 1 meetup elsewhere in the US
    • [AT RISK] Searchable, taggable code repository of all add-ons in Developer Hub
  • Increase Reach and Exposure
    • [ON TRACK] Update Editor Tools to better support our current review process
    • [ON TRACK] 90% of top 95% of add-ons compatible with Firefox 3.6 by general release
    • [ON TRACK] Work with WebDev to design and construct AMO's new Python backend to support future feature development
    • [ON TRACK] Create Test Pilot plan for researching how users interact with the Add-ons Manager, add-on updates, and add-on installation