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So you think the Bugzilla UI could use some improvement? So do we!

The UE team is pretty new and we're working on getting a team together, if you're interested in helping follow the instructions under How to Help.

There are a few things that this group is hoping to achieve. The most important one is making the Bugzilla user experience more effective, efficient, and hopefully aesthetically pleasing. Changing the UI can be an uphill battle, so be ready for lots of feedback and to defend your suggestions/results with hard data, since opinions are a dime a dozen.

How to Help

1. Do a search for bugzilla bugs with the UE keyword, uiwanted, or useless-UI. See this page for other keywords.

2. Do the research/design

3. Post the results as a word document, URL and/or Images

4. Ask for the results to be reviewed

5. Contact members of the UE team on how to proceed once your results are approved.


1. Who uses Bugzilla out there and how (ie for more than just bug reporting?)

2. Search Blogs, message boards etc to find out problems people are having with Bugzilla. Hopefully of the non-technical flavor.

3. Web Surveys of various users

4. Observe usage via logging, might require improved logging first.

5. Real user observations using contextual design if appropriate.


1. Make Mock up of design changes

2. Find developers to implement changes or submit patches yourself.

3. Provide support data for all design changes.

4. Facilitate design discussions as appropriate.

Mottos to Work By

1. The user is NOT like you, even though you think they are.

2. Opinion is nice, data is better.

Links to Other UI Pages

Here are some links that also have to do with Bugzilla UI stuff:

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