Build:Tutorial:Configuring an XServe G5

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Required materials:

  • XServe G5
  • XCode CD (accompanying XServe)
  1. Gather preconfiguration information.
    • Administrator password.
    • Final network information (IP address, netmask, gateway, DNS servers).
  2. Connect hardware.
    • Network cable to network jack on network serving addresses via DHCP and using a small private network with Internet access.
    • Power cable.
  3. Power on and connect to the system via SSH.
    1. After machine has powered on, dissect what IP address it received. This should be found easily.
    2. Log in using SSH and preconfiguration login information.
  4. Download and run OSXVNC locally.
    1. Download OSXVNC using curl.
    2. Mount the OSXVNC disk image and
      • hdiutil attach OSXvnc1.5.dmg
    3. Copy to ~/.
      • rsync -av /Volumes/OSXvnc/ ~/
    4. Find where the OSXVNC disk image is mounted and unmount it.
      • df | grep OSXvnc
      • hdiutil detach /dev/disk1s2
    5. Run OSXVNC.
      • cd ~/
      • ./OSXvnc-server
  5. Connect to the XServer using VNC.
  6. Install OSXvnc at startup.
    1. Using Finder, drag the OSXvnc icon from ~/ to Applications.
    2. In Applications, double-click the OSXvnc icon.
    3. In the OSXvnc window, select the Startup tab.
    4. Click the "Configure Startup Item" button.
    5. Disconnect the VNC connection from the server.
    6. Reboot the server using the SSH connection to verify that OSXvnc runs properly at startup.
  7. Update the system's OS.
    1. Click Apple, then click Software Update.
    2. Install all available items and reboot as needed.
    3. Restart the process until all available updates are installed.
  8. Reconfigure OS applications.
    1. Under System Preferences > Quicktime to uncheck "Enable Instant-On"