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Sunbird 0.3

The internal code that sunbird uses has been rewritten to allow for greater flexibility and speed. In order to get an useful release, the new backend code needs to be tested. A lot.

Besides this, the lightning guys have been doing great work on the UI front. Sunbird doesn't include this yet, because it would delay a release with the new backend code.

To allow for this split testing, the following roadmap can be used:

Sunbird0.3a1 Fix regressions from the api rewrite, in a way that sunbird gets usable again. Not all bugs need to be fixed in the cleanest way. Still use old views and UI. Meant to get testing of the providers, and to be able to close old bugs that are fixed by the new ics provider or the new libical. Released on Nov. 4, 2005
Sunbird0.3a2 Switch to new views etc. Sync the UI as much as possible with lightning. Meant to test the new UI.
Sunbird0.3b Bugfixes.
Sunbird0.3 Final release. Might come from the gecko1.8 branch, if that is still current by the time of this release. Maybe a newer branch should be chosen.

Note on sunbird 0.3a1: This release has old views and stuff. Those views are fixed to a point where the events show up, but there might be glitches in the display. This release is not meant to test the views, but to test the calendar backend code. Please don't file bugs on misaligned event boxes, wrong colors or whatever looks wrong. Please do file bugs on events not showing up, events showing up with wrong times, crashes, hangs, errors etc.

Please don't edit this page, unless you are a member of the calendar team.

The "Toronto list"

Incomplete items originally scheduled for 0.3
Items currently scheduled for 0.5
Completed items
Core (P1)
P1 0.5 Editing / viewing of events, including support for new features.
P1 0.9 Section 508 Changes: Keyboard navigation
P3 0.9 Section 508 Changes: Other accessibility features
Views (P1)
P1 0.3 Viewing of events
P2 0.5 Performance
P2 NTH Better display/notification to user that a calendar is read-only
P2 0.7 Display of tasks
P2 0.5 Investigate zoom scroll
P1 0.3 Navigation
P1 0.7
Work-flow (user experience)
P2 0.7
Agenda View
Item Creation/Modification (P1)
P2 0.7 Event vs. Task semantics (design)
P2 0.5
P1 0.5 From external sources
Alarms (P1)
P2 0.7 SMS
P1 0.3 Visual
P2 0.5
User Experience (P1)
P1 0.7 Polish
P2 0.7 Drag-drop
P2 0.7 Customizability
P2 0.7 Fun
P1 0.7 Menu layout
P3 0.7 Auto-scheduling
Get Data Out (P1)
P1 0.3 ICS
P2 0.5 Sync (with external files / other calendars)
P1 0.3 Printing
P2 0.3 Publish
Get Data In (P2)
P2 0.3
Public Holidays
P1 0.3 Subscribe
P3 0.5
Sync from device (getting data out is more important)
P1 0.5 From existing calendar applications
Email Integration (P2)
P1 0.5 Tighter intergration of Lightning in Thunderbird
P2 0.7 Sending email from Sunbird
P3 0.7 See the context (that's stored in emails) when in calendar
P3 0.7 See the context (that's in your calendar) when in email
Calendar Interoperation (P2)
P1 0.5 Able to invite other people (iMIP/iTIP)
P2 0.5
Serverless calendar sharing
P2 0.5
P3 0.7 Autodiscovery
P2 0.5 Address book intergration
Local Search (P2)
P1 0.7 tags/categories
P2 0.7 date range search
P1 0.7 text search
Sync (Device) (P2)
P2 0.5
Sync with devices
Web Service Integration (P3)
P2 0.7 Maps
P2 0.7 Weather
P1 0.5
P1 0.7 Search
Backup (P3)
P3 0.5 Make backups of data