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Mozillians! We are diverse of mind, body, aspirations, social connections and locations. This diversity is our strength. As the Project continues to grow in strength and diversity, it is essential that we recognize and respect our diversity in a manner consistent with our the Projects commitment to diversity and inclusion.

  • help anyone who seeks understanding and clarity on the strength of our diversity,
  • would like counsel or arbitration on cases regarding the recognition and respect of diversity,
  • and welcome anyone who wants to deepen the Mozilla Diversity Statement in words and in action.

Community Diversity Working Group: Our Creed

The Community Diversity Working Group is made up of Mozillians with multifaceted perspectives. Peers review past and current events to help inform how best to contribute to the health of our community's diversity.

  • We have the best intentions to help each Mozillian work in concert with one another.
  • We are here to help those who are encountering difficulty accepting or being accepted in the diversity of our community.
  • We are here to act as a safe place to explore what it means to be a Mozilla citizen.
  • We are here to help steward the health of the Project.
  • We are here to listen, and help facilitate how to come to a fair decision.

Limits of Community Diversity Working Group

The Diversity Working Group does not handle legal cases, or those that involve legal information. If you are unsure of the legal scope regarding your situation, please contact Denelle Dixon-Thayer (VP, Senior Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs).


  • DICE - Diversity Identity Community Engagement
    • About: This workshop is about finding what is core to a Mozillian's identity. Lukas Blakk created this activity that allows participants to explore their common interests and center on their common identity.
    • Video:
      Air Mozilla Video of DICE brown bag.
    • Summit 2013 debrief:
      • Brussels:
      • Toronto (lead by Lukas Blakk and Kevin Scannell):
      • Santa Clara (lead by Dino Anderson):


  • Accessibility -
  • Social Justice -
  • Mental Burnout -

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