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DOM is an abbreviation for Document Object Model, and typically includes the full set of APIs and Object Models present in a browser.

The DOM is one of several web standards.

For documentation on the DOM, how to develop for it, call various APIs, see:

Mozilla DOM team members (:IRC_nick)

We mostly hang out in #content and on dev-platform.

  • Ehsan Akhgari (:ehsan)
  • Catalin Badea (:catalinb)
  • Marcos Caceres (:marcosc)
  • Edgar Chen (:edgar)
  • William Chen (:wchen)
  • John Dai (:jdai)
  • Andreas Farre (:farre)
  • Ben Hsu (:hopang)
  • Shawn Huang (:shawnjohnjr)
  • Jessica Jong (:jessica)
  • Ben Kelly (:bkelly)
  • Anne van Kesteren (:annevk)
  • Michael Layzell (:mystor)
  • Kyle Machulis (:qDot)
  • Andrea Marchesini (:baku)
  • Andrew Overholt (:overholt)
  • Olli Pettay (:smaug)
  • Stone Shih (:stone)
  • Henri Sivonen (:hsivonen)
  • Andrew Sutherland (:asuth)
  • Hsin-Yi Tsai (:hsinyi)
  • Bevis Tseng (:bevistseng)
  • Tom Tung (:tt)
  • Jan Varga (:janv)
  • Samael Wang (:freesamael)
  • Ben Tian (:btian)
  • Alphan Chen (:alchen)
  • Eden Chuang (:edenchuang)

Current Projects (this is not entirely accurate but gives a rough idea)

  • Custom Elements
    • edgar, jdai
  • Date/Time input types
    • jessica
  • Large Allocation Header ({w,}asm games on 32-bit Windows)
    • mystor
  • Pointer Events
    • stone
  • Quantum DOM and Quantum Flow
    • bevistseng, ehsan, farre, freesamael, mystor, smaug, wchen, stone
  • Rust text encoding/decoding
    • hsivonen
  • Service Workers (notably for e10s-multi)
    • bkelly, catalinb, hopang, asuth, tt
  • Base Web Platform standards
    • annevk, marcosc
  • Storage API and IndexedDB
    • bevistseng, janv, shawnjohnjr, tt
  • WebAuthn
    • qDot
  • Web Payments
    • marcosc, btian, alchen, edenchuang
  • DOM parts of JS feature (ES6 modules and SharedArrayBuffer)
    • baku

Bug Triage

DOM Bug Triage

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