Diane Tate 2015 Goals

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Diane Tate 2015 Q1 Deliverables

Launch Pilot MDN Leadership program draft ideas

  • Finalize key stakeholders (RASCIs)
  • Do competitive research to understand key success factors and differentiators that could be offered by Mozilla
  • Determine participant and participation criteria, responsibilities & benefits
  • Develop program content and structure
  • Determine funding
  • Recruit 10 participants (all of which expected to impact 10+ people each)
  • Develop contributor lifecycle for existing MDN leaders

Goal(s) supported:

  • Maintain & Grow MDN
  • Foundation: Learning Initiatives

KPIs supported:

  • TBD - 580K Learners, 4M MAUs (actual KPIs really depend on program content & participant responsibilities)

External Partner Relations Support for Mozilla Developer Event / Campaign

  • Develop sponsorship packet
  • Attract 3 event sponsors

Goal(s) Supported:

  • Developer Event / Campaign

KPIs supported

  • 600 Event Attendees
  • Mozilla sustainability

Existing Program Management

Support agenda development, communications, deliverables and KPI tracking for projects aligned with MDN’s success. Examples to date which may run in to Q1 ‘15 include:

  • Bi-Weekly MDN meetings. Drive agendas, facilitation, minutes, follow-ups.
  • DevPulse. Coordinated list of various activities around Mozilla impacting developers with goal to raise awareness and collaboration to increase effectiveness of these efforts.
  • Metrics gathering. Keep list of key metrics for MDN activities and properties up to date each month.
  • TechDevWave Support. Work to develop effective meeting structures, agendas, processes and follow-ups in support of a unified developer-facing roadmap.
  • Next-gen Reference Device and/or Flame Support (if needed). Work to develop effective meeting structures, agendas, processes and follow-ups in support of developer reference device.

Goals Supported:

  • Maintain and Grow MDN

KPIs Supported:

  • 4M MAUs