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Mozilla is committed to diversity and inclusion among its staff and volunteers. The Mozilla Project welcomes and encourages participation by everyone. It doesn’t matter how you identify yourself or how others perceive you: we welcome you. We are a proudly non-profit organization driven by a culture of openness and collaboration. It’s a value we hold strong and it’s how we work together, day in and day out. Our diversity and inclusion strategy is a business level strategy, not a single program or project. It is not a once and done, it is how we operate.

Long Term Vision

To Create a truly open and inclusive Mozilla where a diversity of contributors can thrive and grow to their full potential.

Strategic Investments and Measures

D&I Investments.png

Based on the findings we have developed from research done in 2015-16, we have invested in 3 priority areas in the first two years: Culture, Hiring and Retention. We know that systemic, comprehensive change is a very long-term investment. Starting with these data-driven priorities will address critical issues our employees are experiencing today and move us in the right direction toward greater representation at all levels and roles for women, minorities and people who are diverse in many other ways over time.

Community Participation Guidelines Revision (May 2017)

In May 2017, Mozilla released the revised Community Participation Guidelines - Version 2.3 (hereto referred to as CPG).

You can find the CPG hosted on Mozilla.org: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/about/governance/policies/participation/

You can find the CPG Revision wiki guide here: Diversity and Inclusion Strategy/Community Participation Guidelines

Our Team

Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee

  • Angela Plohman, Senior VP of Operations (MoFo)
  • Larissa Shapiro, Diversity and Inclusion Lead (MoCo)
  • Nick Ngyuen, VP of Firefox Product (MoCo)
  • Katharina Borchert, Chief Innovation Officer (MoCo)
  • Michael D'Angelo, Chief of People (MoCo)

Diversity and Inclusion Core Team

  • Larissa Shapiro, D&I Lead
  • Lizz Noonan, D&I Project Manager
  • Tara Robertson, D&I Strategic Partner

Diversity and Inclusion Consultants

  • Denise Gammal, Exponential Talent
  • Molly Anderson, Exponential Talent

Diversity Recruiters

  • Stephanie Dela Fuente, Diversity Technical Sourcer
  • Angel Cordero, Diversity Technical Sourcer

The Diversity and Inclusion Dish

Starting in September 2017, the team is bringing updates a few times a month to the project call and will also archive the news here so that the community knows what we're up to!

* October 2, 2017: Hopper Fox Edition

  • The D&I, Recruiting, Open Innovation, and Firefox teams are all represented in our largest showing at Grace Hopper to date! Big thanks to: Michelle Marovich, Stephanie DeLaFuente, Angel Cordero, Kendra Pecan, Emma Irwin, Bianca Danforth, Ean Schuessler, Irene S, Bianca Danforth, Arielle Kilroy, Don Marti, Elizabeth Noonan, Marcia Knous, Kate Glasko, and Chao Mbogo!
  • Activities are diverse and include the best recruiting booth ever, our FilterBubbler anti-fake-news add-on on Open Source Day's Codeathon for Humanity, the awesome talk "Firefox Nightly: Where the Magic Happens", and our TechWomen Emerging Leader Chao Mbogo won the 2017 Systers Pass It On Award Winner for her project: Mentorship Program at Kenya Methodist University in Nairobi
  • The booth will have the best stickers ever.


IRC: #diversity
Slack: #mic-diversity
Email: inclusion@mozilla.com