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We are the Firefox Desktop Onboarding Durable Team (AKA FDR Durable Team and Team Roosevelt). Our goal is create a cohesive experience for users that have downloaded Firefox and their first 6 week experience, improve our understanding of what keeps users using Firefox, and create a new process for increasing our velocity of testing.

Key Initiatives

  • Overhaul Firefox desktop new user onboarding
  • Improve understanding of Firefox desktop user retention

Relevant Links

Sprint Meetings

Meeting Time and Days Attendees Notes
Sprint Planning Meeting Every third Thursday Core Team is required This meeting lasts as long as it takes
Daily Stand-Ups (15 minutes only) 9:15am Pacific Everyday during the sprint Core Team is required Anyone is welcome to listen, but may not speak, take all questions offline to Jenny or Chris
  • All Meetings are in Jenny Douglas's Vidyo
  • if you have questions about these meetings, please contact Jenny


  • Chris More
  • Jenny Douglas
  • Ben Niolet
  • Fabio Rios
  • Schalk Neethling
  • Francesco Polizzi
  • Matt Ternoway