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Mozilla.org Durable team

- Who we are, how we work and what we do:

Who we are: The mozilla.org durable team consists of team members from multiple functional domains: UX, Copy writing, Front End Development, Back End Development, plus the Product Owner and Scrum Master. The durable team is an agile one, meaning that we use agile practices (a scrum implementation of the agile methodology) to produce 'potential shippable' work within the time box of each sprint.

What we do: We work on the mozilla.org website creating and publishing new designs and content; ensuring the security of visitors to the site; conveying the messaging of the Mozilla Foundation and the Mozilla Corporation which produces the Firefox web browser and other technologies.

How we work: In short, we work based on user stories that intend to address user needs and wants. [The formula for writing user stories is: "As a user (persona), I want to (do such thing) so I can (derive some benefit)]. When we have enough information to support the validity of a given user story, we move to creating the benefit for the user. User stories may warrant direct input/work by all domains of functional expertise that are defined in the team's make up, as listed above. Some user stories may require only one such domain expert. Given the nature of the work and the mozilla.org 'product' itself, creative design can be weighted heavily in a given user story. In some circumstances, the acceptance criteria defined by the Product Owner can result in a 'research' story, in which, for one example, the resulting output will be one or more prototypes intended for real user testing. The resulting feedback helps define the direction in which mozilla.org will be taken to best suit user wants and needs, which is the ultimate goal.

--- 2017 / Q1 Key Results

  • Test the hypothesis that a universal navigation increases PPV by 10% by deploying 2-3 navigation prototype tests live on moz.org and/or MDN
  • Publish Internet Health Privacy & Security sub-page on mozilla.org by January 20th (DONE)
  • Increase download conversion on paid ad funnel to ~15% (from 8% today) by optimizing download page to match acquisition campaign messaging (DONE)
  • Implement new visual identity to at least one key page/element (Blog template, cross-site nav)
  • Publish CSS Grid landing page on mozilla.org by March 16th

2016 / Q4 Key Results

  • Placeholder . . .

Key Q3 2016 Initiatives -

  • New homepage that demonstrably improves visitors’ understanding of what Mozilla does and believes, pushed live to at least 50% of the audience

(Status on 8/19 - done, to 100% of audience).

  • Implement landing page for the Technology pillar

Key Q2 2016 Initiatives - (to be posted)

Key Q1 2016 Initiatives

  • Improve newsletter email conversion on mozilla.org
  • Improve conversion on the Firefox download page (/new)
  • Improve Firefox desktop onboarding and testing process
  • Rebrand www.mozilla.org

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2 Week Sprint Meetings


Meeting Time and Days Attendees Notes
Sprint Planning Meeting Every first Thursday, 9am - 12pm PT (first day of a new sprint) Core Team is required Stakeholders may listen in, This meeting lasts as long as it takes. This is the first day of a new sprint.
User Story Readouts Every first Thursday, 11 - 11:45am PT PO, PM, Sponsor, Marketing Leads required All teams have 5 minutes each to read out their User Stories for that sprint, followed by a Q&A with Leads.
Homeroom Day Every first Friday, all day All Durable Team members Discretionary day - can be used to finalize sprint planning or prepare for sprint work beginning Monday. Also time for functional teams to meet and to have meetings that fall outside the purview of the Durable Team.
Daily Stand-Ups (15 minutes only) Starting 1st Monday through 3rd Tuesday of Sprint. Monday, Wednesday and Friday stand ups are in-person (Eric Renaud's Vidyo room) at 9:00am PT (changed in Q3/S2). Tuesday and Thursday stand ups are asynchronous and status can be found here Core Team is required Anyone is welcome to listen, but may not speak, take all questions offline to Eric or Jen.
Sprint Demo Meeting Every third Wednesday (last day of Sprint), time TBD Everyone is welcome This is where we celebrate by showing the work completed in the sprint; it's a place to ask questions and give feedback. In Q2, all Durable Teams will started demoing to the full Marketing organization. In Q3, Functional Teams started showing their work in the Sprint Demo on a regular basis.
Sprint Retrospective Meeting Every third Wednesday (last day of Sprint), time TBD Core Team Only No One else is invited to this meeting! We will discuss what to start, stop and continue doing in the next sprint.
  • All Meetings are in Eric Renaud's Vidyo
  • if you have questions about these meetings, please contact Eric


  • Alex Gibson (Front-End Developer)
  • Christa Seabolt (UX designer)
  • Craig Cook (Front-End Developer)
  • David Tenser (Team Lead)
  • Eric Renaud (Program Manager)
  • Michael Ham (Designer)
  • Jon Petto (Front-End Developer)
  • Paul McLanahan (Back-End Developer)
  • Peter German (Analytics)