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  • Beta 4 release date is probably around April 20th or so. Code freeze is the 15th.
  • Starting to put together messaging around final release - we have a large part to play.

Developer Items and Standards


  • Sheppy's back!
  • Continuing work on organization stuff.
      • New templates for tagging methods that are noscript, or for specific versions of Gecko or Firefox.
      • Continuing preparation for the Deki Lyons upgrade.
      • Working on scripts to help automatically migrate articles to new homes in the documentation hierarchy.

XUL + XULRunner

Communications and PR

  • Asa to keynote Mozillagumi 10 year anniversary event (May 30, Tokyo)

Global Community Development

  • Update on Malaysia (BarCamp KL and related meetings; blog post to come asap)
  • Tomcat - Mozilla Meetups
      • Starting in Germany
      • People who are interested in Mozilla
      • Wants to generate more good community development
      • Hopes that other people will start these around the world
      • Wants to expand to open source as well - ex. city of Munich
      • Trying to get a website set up
      • right now it's a wiki page
      • Spreadfirefox project as well
      • Setting up twitter + facebook as well
  • Paul
      • Mobile event at the end of Q2
      • Event in the Netherlands talking about HTML5 and others
      • Another workshop at the end of June in Italy


  • table, it is round