Firefox Core Engineering/App Updater roadmap

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Application Update should be fast, reliable, and secure. It should also be unobtrusive and largely invisible to the user.


  • We need a regular cadence of measurement, analysis, and resultant code changes.
  • Improve speed and reliability for known issues; continue investigations into unknown areas, because they yield positive changes.


  • Telemetry analysis and security analysis.
  • Address testing gaps at the system level.
  • Increase telemetry visibility for non-extreme use.


  • "Update Agent" project was created from telemetry analysis. Phase 1 (download) should be completed by end of 2017 Q3 (target: FF58).
  • From telemetry measurement and analysis additional cases should be handled similar to how the NS_ERROR_DOCUMENT_NOT_CACHED case is handled. Not scheduled and other work is currently a higher priority. (target: TBD)
  • Create non-orphan dashboard for telemetry from "current" versions, analogous to the update orphaning dashboard on t.m.o. (target: Q3 2017)
  • Use LZMA for MAR file compression. This is based partially on telemetry measurement and analysis and specifically the time it takes to download. Should be completed by 2017 Q3 (target: FF56). completed: 641212
  • Use SHA384 certificates for MAR file signing. This is based on security analysis. Should be completed by 2017 Q3 (target: FF56). completed: 1324498