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This effort is establish a shorter path between client crashes and actionable data.


Step 1: in progress

Land content crash ping (enables new crash ping types)​.​ [end of Q4 2016] completed: 1293656

Determine how to report on unsymbolicated stack in crash pings (we want to identify what we can answer from the data we collect now, without aggregating and without symbolicating)​.​ [mid-January 2017]

Scale/load test the new symbolapi.m.o (we want to know if this will serve its current function AND a future function for release users)​. [mid-January 2017] This has been abandoned in favor of a rewrite led by peterbe.

Determine if we can include frame pointers on release (because it enables future steps). [end of Q4 2016]​ completed: 1322735

Add support for CFI-based stack-walking in progress: 1333126

Re-engineer the crash handling code in progress: 1323979

Add support for getting client-side stacks traces Fennec in progress: 1307153

Step 2: in progress

Land the pingSender (so we can send a crash ping as soon as possible)​. [mid-January 2017] completed​: 1310703

Symbolicate crash ping stacks via batch in data processing. --together with--

Create "client-side" signatures from symbolicated stacks via batch in data processing.completed: 1357431

Step 3

Implement clustering of crashes on the client-side, based on signatures. [TBD]

Establish means of identifying top crashers in client-side data via signatures. [TBD]

Enable correlating between client-side crash clusters and crash-stats-side crash clusters, via client crash id (see 1322611). [TBD]

Step 4

Symbolicate crash ping stacks on the client, via (see peterbe). [TBD]

Return signatures to the client, via a signature service. [TBD]

Step 5

Introduce new crash ping types beyond Main and Content (GPU (1297843 and 1352496), webextension, etc). [TBD]