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Firefox OS Emulator Promotion Project

FxOS Emulator

The main purpose of this project is to promote the use of Firefox OS emulator, and encourage the contribution to the emulator.

Currently, the plan includes:

  • To deploy the knowledge of emulator to broader audience, especially to community members.
  • To encourage community members to contribute MDN articles.
  • To use the emulator in more projects, events or activities.

Knowledge Deployment

Now, we are planning to host a sharing in Mozilla Taiwan Community Space in 2016 January. Dates and speaker(s) are to be clarified.

MDN Articles Contribution


The Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) is an evolving learning platform for Web technologies and the software that powers the Web. MDN's mission is simple: to provide complete, accurate, and helpful documentation for everything about the open Web, whether it's supported by Mozilla-built software or not. If it's an open technology exposed to the Web, we want to document it.

The next step of this project is to encourage community members to learn emulator, and write some technical articles that can be published to MDN. Estimated timeline could be 2016 Q1 or Q2.

Promotion of Emulator

In order to utilize the power of emulator, we are planning to apply the Firefox OS emulator in the following projects:

Firefox OS Medical Platform Project

Firefox OS Medical Platform Project is planned to have 3 phases of development. In the second phase, before we find a good candidate of wearable devices as the development environment, we plan to use the emulator to simulate the developing environment of wearable.

Developing Firefox OS TV Apps Project

To have a real TV to develop Firefox OS TV apps could be not easy. Firefox OS emulator can play an important role to develop Firefox OS TV apps without TV devices. We are going to initialize the project and Wiki page will be created soon.