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Global Mobility

The purpose is to fluidly facilitate assignments around the globe that address a range of needs from personal growth to achievement of business goals.


Deliverables in two parts:

  • Part 1
    • Published guidelines for how we currently handle people moving around the world; this is about documenting and sharing out what already happens --> People Resources Mana
  • Part 2
    • Reviewed, modified, and published guidelines that achieve the purpose of this goal --> People Resources Mana
    • Third party vendor to manage execution of the details
    • Annual budget to support assignments/moves
    • Global mobility tracking into Workday HRIS

Applicable to Mozilla regular employees.


2013 - 2014


Communication Plan

Communication Type Mechanism Audience
Announcements IRC: #peoplepeople all
General discussion IRC: #peoplepeople all

Minutes and Progress Reports

  1. Walked through high level plan with core planning team (no major changes).
  2. Confirmed communication plan/schedule.
  3. Team requested timeline and more detailed breakdown of quarterly milestones.
  1. Talked through more detailed plan and confirmed timing of quarterly deliverables.
  2. Assigned deliverables and smaller tasks to individuals on team.
  3. Provided interim due dates on detailed project plan.
  1. Walked through initial rounds of feedback from business leadership: heard a desire for less formality; no burning needs that could be solved by assignments right now but would appreciate the flexibility of guidelines and ability to tap into some pre-defined workflow.
  2. Crafted initial design of base framework - will iterate over the next few weeks as we collect more feedback from MoCo and Community leadership.
  3. Pushed out deliverable for current relo/assignment guidelines to end of May (need more time in working with outside stakeholders given other priorities).
  4. Talked about a better name for this "program." Collecting feedback from team and through #peoplepeople channel >> Work Abroad, Take Flight, Mozilla Passport, commUNITY abroad, Travel Hacker, Navigator, Mozilla Unbound, Mozilla Backp-hacker; can naming structure focus more on bringing people together vs. moving people around?
  1. Reviewed progress since last meeting.
  2. Talked through feedback we received from community members: heard a resounding 'YES!' in support of a program that would help connect employees face-to-face with communities and provide more time to embed, share knowledge, and further each parties initiatives; need to pay attention to and prepare for cultural differences; community is excited about helping expats get situated in a new country.
  3. Planned for focus group sessions with employees who have been on assignment in the past in order to collect feedback about what we could have done better.


People resources as defined by the RASCI model:

  • Responsible: owner of the problem/project
  • Accountable: to whom "R" is Accountable and is the authority who approves to sign off on work before it is effective
  • Supportive: provides resources or plays a supporting role in implementation
  • Consulted: provides information and/or expertise necessary to complete the project
  • Informed: needs to be notified of results but need not necessarily be consulted
Responsible Mihca Degele
Accountable Debbie Cohen
Supportive (core planning team) Anika Briner, Emily Chardac, Angela King, Ally Gibley, Mardi Douglass (Communications)
Consulted Stormy Peters, Scott Storey (HRIS), Winnie Aoieong & Jim Cook (Finance), David Boswell (Community)
Informed Steering Committee, Directors, VP's


  • Q1 - Collect and analyze data and historical info on how we are currently moving people around the world
  • Q2 - Create and publish guidelines for this current state (i.e.: what we learned in our Q1 goal); begin designing the foundation for how we think about global assignments
    • APRIL 19 - MAY 3 || interview MoCo leadership and Community leadership to determine business needs
    • APRIL 19 - JUNE 30 || craft and publish guidelines for the way it is today
    • MAY 6 - 31 || create the story for why people go on assignments
    • MAY 1 - 31 || interview employees who were recently on assignment for feedback
  • Q3-Q4 - Put a structure on the foundation, complete the design
    • AUGUST 1 - 33 || create guidelines for how we'll evaluate requests, the application process, if you will
    • SEPTEMBER 1 - 30 || determine and design the stuff to consider and pay for to help support successful assignments; propose a budget for 2014; submit RFP's to global mobility vendors; determine Workday capabilities
    • OCTOBER 1 - 31 || submit first draft of overall design for approval; determine roll-out approach
    • NOVEMBER / DECEMBER || select global mobility vendor; obtain final approval on design, vendor, and cost; publish guidelines on Mana
  • Q1 2014 - Begin roll-out


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