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The primary project page for SpiderMonkey has moved to JavaScript.

Tracked Projects

We have long-term inchoate plans for how SpiderMonkey will technically evolve. Historically these plans have been "tribal" knowledge, communicated during the design process of other patches, or during reviews. Now we're trying to actually document them. Documentation of these plans says nothing about the schedule for when these changes will happen. It could be sooner, it could be later. It will depend on the particular plan, its invasiveness, whether it is a natural step (or slight tangent) in the fixing of some other issue of importance, and so on.

We also track a variety of (typically) shorter-term projects. These projects are likely to be fixed sooner than the rather-vaguer plans referenced above. They typically have a project plan with milestones, tasks, and owners.

  • OdinMonkey (asm.js compiler): OdinMonkey project plan and milestone.

Active Projects

Retired Projects