Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2012-07-10

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  • Welcome Erik!
  • Builder
  • SDK
    • SDK 1.8.1 today?
  • Roundtable
    • Proxy changes (ejpbruel)
    • contentStyleFile and Style Inspector incompatibilities (Jeff)
    • New page-mod option - need a name (Alex)
    • @dcrewi asked to change name from xpcom.Unknown -> xpcom.Component
    • landing a cfx-js
    • Regressions in `options.loadReason` see Bug 771825. Somehow we need to make sure that hotfixes are included in builds.
    • Add a "isPersistent" attribute for panels - Bug 595040


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Open Bugs


  • Erik
  • JeffH
  • Will
  • Matteo
  • Irakli
  • Alex
  • Wes
  • JeffG


Team News

  • Welcome Erik!



  • 1.8.1 today
    • bits pushed
    • need validator, announcement
    • Jeff will draft.


  • contentStyleFile
    • need to change the stylesheet service itself
    • Alex has a related bug, can get these changes landed
    • Matteo to file a bug
    • Gabor will look into it
    • Jeff will email Robcee to see if they can use the modified stylesheet service.
  • Alex: need to add a page-mod attribute to apply to existing tabs?
    • Irakli & Alex will discuss?
  • @dcrewi submitted pull request, asked about xpcom component naming - xpcom.'Unknown'?
    • need to know who is using xpcom module? 9 add-ons on AMO currently, others?
    • don't want 2 names, don't want to add breaking change.
    • add a note to the docs? sure.
  • regression in options.loadReason
    • trouble resulted form applying a hotfix, need to track hotfixes to make sure they don't get lost.
    • in Fx, we use 2 dependant bugs in bugzilla
    • Gabor: need to be more strict about it.
    • need better process? try linked bugs first, see how it goes.
  • cfx-js - ready to land
    • need to address builder issue
    • file an IT bug & get response from builder team.
    • push builder team to respond
    • goal is to have client-side packaging
    • jeff to talk to Piotr
  • persistent panel?
    • Matteo to create a JEP porposal and post to mailing list, cc shorlander
  • Matteo: JEP for module sharing best practices
    • will discuss in IRC