Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2012-08-14

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  • Builder
    • This seems really bad. (wk)
  • SDK
  • Roundtable
    • What's the status for the AMO validator? Are we waiting for a push this week? (wk)
    • What release do we want the new per-window private browsing support shipping in? (bug 748604) (wk)
      • The feature in Firefox will probably be in Firefox 17 or 18.
      • Erik's landing things on SDK master (1.11), which will target Firefox 16/17.
      • Do we want a deprecation warning to get into SDK 1.10 (targeting 15/16)?
    • Don't Panic add-on by Erik
    • Tab.favicon is a synchronous getter, and Fennec does this operation asynchronously, so Erik is not sure how to proceed here..
    • tab.index can't be set
    • Need a good example to demonstrate api-utils/event/core
      • Should be a stand alone module and not a internal module so that users can play with it to build an add-on with help from our documentation.
      • Is panic module too complex?
      • Another example is a bookmark module, problems are:
        • uses chrome
        • will likely be part of sdk at some point
      • have a better example idea?
  • window-utils vs window/utils
    • documentation in either is incomplete & sketchy
    • this module area seems like a crucial one to design well & freeze so that it can be relied upon for more serious integrators - access to a window without requiring chrome is quite powerful.
  • The Japanese team has translated the SDK tutorials: :-) All of them! And there's a bug to support i18n for the developer guide: Can we make a plan for this in the work week? After attending the MDN meetings in Toronto last week, I'm doubtful that MDN will work for us any time soon.


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  • Jeff
  • Irakli
  • Erik
  • Jorge
  • Dave
  • Gabor
  • Wes
  • Eddy
  • Will



  • can't download! talking to Piotr about this an other issues.
    • bug 782463 - can't download builds unless they are newly copied?


  • AMO validator issues
    • bug 782692 - add-ons using futuristic versions of the SDK get a confusing error.
  • weakmap problem causing test failures, changes to platform
    • asking to get it backed out for the time being
    • working on workaround?
    • content proxies going away eventually anyway


  • per tab private browsing
    • will work magically for all versions?
  • panic module / add-on
    • not a great demo, looking for ideas
    • will discuss more in IRC
  • Fennec issues
    • tabs.index doesn't exist
    • favicon API differences
    • may be page loading timing issue, can work around
    • log bug about adding tab.index functionality on fennec
    • fail with warning for now
  • window-utils vs window/utils
    • causing confusion with users looking for advanced functionality
    • todo: work week burn-down of status on all of api-utils
  • japanese translations of Jetpack docs!!
    • bug logged for supporting l10n
    • will look into how to do it properly at the work week
    • how do we support more locales?
  • Irakli: on vacation as of the 16th - no internet!
  • Mossop: please forward your discussion topics for the work week to him ASAP