Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2012-09-11

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  • Builder
  • SDK
    • Absolute last chance to get anything into 1.10 final!
      • After RC2 is created, Mossop needs to bless the RC either tonight or early tomorrow so we can get everything pushed everywhere on time.
  • Roundtable
    • Addons
      • open link updated to use the addon sdk, for fennec
    • Packages
    • Consider making some addon-kit APIs stable? addon-page, simple-prefs and access to emit/on from trusted page scripts have all been in the SDK for > 6 months, and are still marked as experimental. Should we raise bugs to declare them stable, and make dependent bugs for any work that needs doing first?
    • Interesting library call java from js using jsctypes over JNI!


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Open Bugs




  • Alex has patches for Addon Builder Helper landed in Github to fix some major pains.


  • SDK 1.10RC2 is being built today. We need to ship it as final if possible.
    • No one mentioned anything else needing to go into 1.10.
    • Mossop still needs to bless the final RC either today or tomorrow to get it up to AMO on time.
    • Should Irakli take over if Mossop isn't available?


  • Erik has some SDK-based extensions/libraries for Fennec to check out.
  • Addon Kit APIs that are marked as experimental. Should we make them stable?
    • Will will file bugs for each of them, and then dependencies for what needs to be done to be stable.
  • Matteo will land metadata soon.
  • Alex found a JSM to call Java code from Javascript on mobile.
    • Alex will provide a Jetpack wrapper for the JSM.