Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2012-1-10

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  • Flightdeck
  • SDK
  • Roundtable
    • api-utils freezing? (regarding OWA team comments)
    • Talos testing, welcome jhammel!


  • Daniel Buchner
  • Dietrich Ayala
  • Wesley Kocher
  • Irakli Gozalishvili
  • David Mason
  • Gabor Krizsanits
  • Alexandre Poirot
  • Jeff Griffiths
  • Brian Warner
  • Dave Townsend
  • Eddy Jean-Paul Bruel
  • Matteo Ferretti
  • Jeff Hammel
  • Dan Horner



  • release goes out tomorrow, fixes something with AMO ids (when someone changes their email on AMO side)
  • gearing up for 1.0
  • want feedback on the Add-On Builder Helper addon


  • 1.4 happens this afternoon
  • probably 3pm PST
  • KWierso takes over as RM after 1.4 goes out
  • 1.4 changes XPI paths, some addons have hard-coded paths which will break
    • we'll consider emailing developers if it looks like many are broken
    • pulling out the change would be too hairy, not what we want in the long term
    • we aren't repacking, so it'll hit when people upgrade the SDK and start building their addons with 1.4
    • more likely to do repacks on 1.5
  • gabor mentioned prefs bugs (716521) that should go into release notes, but it's too late to get it into the 1.4 docs. dcm is cc'ed.


  • api-utils freezing (alexp):
    • we traditionally consider api-utils/* as internal, so we can change them whenever we want
    • openwebapps folks were surprised when we removed url.toFilename and unpack=false
    • we need to decide which to freeze, maybe move some out of api-utils/
    • maybe add a tool (in cfx, or external) which looks at your addon and tells you which non-public modules are being used by user code, as a warning
    • should review docs, see how loud the "this is internal" warning is
    • talk to OWA folks and see which APIs they use, which they care about most
    • they're kind of power-users, are running from trunk (not latest release)
  • talos testing, Jeff Hammel, doing performance testing on addons
    • will sit down with mossop+brian to get started
    • jorge (villalobos) would also be a good resource