Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2012-10-09

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  • Erik
  • Matteo
  • Will
  • Wes
  • Mossop
  • Irakli
  • Alex
  • Gabor
  • Eddy



Nothing to see here.


  • 1.11 beta day today: does anyone know of anything that needs to go into it? Noone can think of anything: if they do, talk to Wes.
  • Can we land layout changes? Should we land without updating the docs generator, or wait until it's updated? Docs generator has been updated, but no pull request has been made because there are unanswered questions in the bug and failing tests. Irakli will answer the questions, Will will confirm that there are still (non-doc-related) test failures. If we can resolve these we can land it.


  • Module loader is shipping in Firefox 16 today! When should we do bug 787993? We should do nothing for the time being: the SDK will be landing in Firefox soon, and we'll be able to address this then.