Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2012-10-16

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  • Builder
    • all quiet on the western front
  • SDK
    • releasing 1.11rc1 with some hotfixes to cover deprecation of private-browsing features.
      • Anything else need to get in for this first RC build? If we can get it finalized soon, it'll help with shipping it in a few weeks.
    • investigating an auto-re-pack of simple add-ons to 1.11 shortly following release ( may need to wait until 1.12 if there are AMO issues )
    • Stumbling through the code, I found this comment about removing a chunk of code sometime after 1.0b5's release, when all frontends like Flightdeck have been updated to not use it. Are we there yet?
  • Roundtable
    • I (Wes) just hid the Jetpack tests run against Firefox Beta on OS X Leopard because those builds don't exist as of last Tuesday. That leaves just Release Firefox visible, but the tests are still being run on all four branches because that's how the test infrastructure works. Is it still worth the computing power consumed by attempting to run these tests when we only only see 1/4 of the results? Can we just stop running them entirely? When should we go ahead with bug 778969?
    • Context-menu work is up for feedback, some minor API changes.
    • Gregg Lind from UX Research wants to show off mods to Esprima, Escodegen, and CoverJS that should make it possible to do code coverage. (he has to be done by 10:30 though for his own team meeting!) bug 789401 coverage recipe
    • Data about API usage by addons
    • Let's disable fennec test that fail on fennec so cfx testall is happy.
    • Interrogation tests for fennec.

Awesomeness Schedule

10/23 Eddy
10/30 Erik
11/6 Gabor
11/13 Irakli
11/20 Jeff
11/27 Matteo
12/4 Wes
12/7 Will
12/14 Alex
12/21 Dave


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  • Erik
  • Matteo
  • Irakli
  • Mossop
  • Wes
  • Jorge
  • Gabor
  • Jeff
  • Will
  • Eddy
  • Alex
  • Gregg



Nothing to report. Addon Builder Helper needs an update.



  • Releasing today with some hotfixes to cover deprecation of private-browsing features. The new pb implementation, can only set pb mode when opening a window, can't activate/deactivate it on an already open window. So we will have to stop supporting pb.activate() and pb.deactivate(). This is going to happen in Firefox 19, which corresponds to SDK 1.13. So we need to deprecate now, for 1.11, and make these functions no-ops in 1.13. Jeff will blog about this.
  • Any other new stuff for the RC might need to be supplied in separate patches for stabilization and for master, because of the big layout change last week.
  • Irakli pointed us at a tool to help compare versions on GitHub:


  • We're investigating an auto-re-pack of simple add-ons to 1.11 shortly after release ( may need to wait until 1.12 if there are AMO issues )
  • Add-ons that only use high level apis we will be auto repacked and fast tracked through AMO review
  • Other add-ons will be repacked, stored on our FTP server and we will ask the authors to test them out
  • One motivation for this is that bholley will close a security loophole in Firefox 19 for page-mods ( When that happens we will mark add-ons built with an old SDK version as incompatible with new Firefox versions.

Old code

  • Wes volunteered to ask the Builder team if they still use this .


  • Only Firefox Release is being built for OS X Leopard, but we are still trying to run tests on all four branches. We should stop doing this, and only run tests on branches on which we will see results.
  • Context-menu work is up for feedback, includes some minor API changes. User Research (Test Pilot) can help us understand how many people use particular features.
  • Gregg Lind from UX Research has been working on adding code coverage to the SDK's testing framework. The main problem is that the tools that can be used to get code coverage metrics don't understand all the extra features of Mozilla JS, such as const and let and our implementation of yield. So he's patched these tools (Esprima, Escodegen, and CoverJS). He'd like feedback from Jetpack team, about how to integrate it into cfx/Jetpack, and to help with, or take, the burden of developing and maintaining it: bug 789401 coverage recipe. Would be a great feature to have built into the SDK.
  • Data about API usage by addons. Can we automate the generation of this data?
  • Some tests fail for Fennec because Fennec does not support the APIs yet. Some module tests, like selection, have some cleverness that catches failed tests in unsupported platform, when they are expected to fail, and stops them showing up as failures. Matteo volunteered to add this to other modules that need it.
  • Integration (tinderbox) tests for Fennec. We need them! Mossop will talk to releng about this.
  • Awesomeness: Eddy is all ready with some awesomeness for next week.