Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2012-10-23

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On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 12:13 PM, will bamberg <> wrote:


Awesomeness Schedule

10/23 Eddy
10/30 Erik
11/6 Gabor
11/13 Irakli
11/20 Jeff
11/27 Matteo
12/4 Wes
12/7 Will
12/14 Alex
12/21 Dave


Triage Followups

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Open Bugs


  • Jeff
  • Mossop
  • Will
  • Erik
  • Wes
  • Matteo
  • Alex
  • Irakli



  • Jeff pinged Fred & Piotr about Builder bugs and the risk of our 1.12 layout changes breaking the Builder. Piotr will take a look.
  • The danger is that Builder may not take 1.12 for a while if layout changes break it
  • Jeff's talking to devtools about possible futures for the Builder or a Builder-like thing
  • We could write an add-on to write Jetpacks in the browser, using scratchpad?


  • Final 1.11 RC. Do we need the fix for bug 803529? Yes, we do. Aim for an RC tomorrow.


  • Eddy has awesomeness but he's not here. Double awesomeness next week!
  • Metadata: proposal needs votes by the end of today (Pacific)
  • Bug 803065 - on Fennec `tabs` module doesn't work in unit test as it works in add-on code should be land as soon as possible (pull/622 assigned to Irakli) in order to properly test SDK modules on Fennec.
  • Usage of Seamonkey: if a module supports Fennec, Firefox and Thunderbird, do we still need to check for compatibility with Seamonkey, as we currently do? No we don't have to do this any more.
  • Erik wrote a new module that lets you add commands to the GCLI. Here's a usage example. Jeff: can we ship it? Erik will talk to Joe Walker to find out how stable the interface is. If it's fairly stable, we can ship it.
  • Addon Builder Helper needs updating for 1.11. Alex doesn't have the credentials to do this. Add it to Erik's account.
  • Will would like help getting the SDK docs pushed, and help from everyone to check that they look and work OK once they are on staging.