Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2012-11-20

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    • 1.12rc1 today, any last minute things to land?
      • Hopefully this build will be good enough to last most of the remainder of the release cycle, as Wes will be on PTO until Dec 1.
        • I'll be back for the final week of the cycle, so I can push the final, blessed RC build myself, but won't be around for anything between then and now.
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No news this week.


  • 1.12RC1 to ship today. Wes is on PTO from tomorrow until the end of the month, so if things are going to get into 1.12, they really should land today.
  • when are we removing the content-proxy code? It can be removed any time now, since Firefox 17 has shipped. Gabor's writing a blog post on add-on security: we should include a version of this in the SDK docs.