Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2012-12-11

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  • Builder
    • 1.12 is having trouble getting added to Builder, will probably be delayed in updating to today's 1.12 release.
  • SDK
    • Oh hey, 1.12 is releasing today!
  • Roundtable


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  • Irakli
  • DCamp
  • Eddy
  • Gabor
  • Alex
  • Will
  • Wes
  • Jeff
  • Mossop



Piotr is 70% done on making the Builder work with 1.12. He expects to be done by tomorrow. The next thing is to understand how to make Builder work when the APIs are in Firefox.


  • release 1.12 today: docs push, and release notes
  • community contributor taku0 submitted a pull request to add missing features to the simple-prefs module, which will be included in 1.12
  • we should add accepted PRs to out weekly agenda, so we know about them. Can we do this automatically, by adding a query to the wiki?


Landing in Firefox

We have a test branch of mozilla-central, larch, which we will use to test out landing the SDK APIs in Firefox. See the tracking bug. For next week, Mossop and Wes will make a plan for how we will use it.

Changes in weekly meetings

  • make a list of most critical P1 bugs in the next triage meeting, and add them to the weekly team meeting agenda so they get some visibility.
  • add an agenda item: is anyone blocked? Mostly we rely on people to bring this up.
  • people to discuss the stuff we are working on in the weekly meeting

Loading content from data into iframes

Bug 820213: we have had at least 2 requests for this. Chrome has the concept of "public" resources. What do we think about this feature request?

  • Is it something we're happy for add-ons to be doing? Yes, we ought to support this.
  • How? will it be easiest to invent a new custom protocol, rather than to enable resource:// URIs to be loaded? Probably.
  • Gabor will write a JEP so we can discuss this feature.
  • Gabor's also interested in adding wildcards support to expanded principals. Another JEP? Or part of the same one?