Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2012-2-7

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Pending Requests

  • Bugs with pending requests




  • preparing for 1.0 release
    • one blocker, bug 724766, otherwise looking good.
    • dbuc is shooting a new tutorial video this week: let him know if there's any particular material that should be included.


  • we made another hotfix release: 1.4.3. Blogged it, drafted a press release.
  • lessons learned? It's a worry that this bug was present for a while before we noticed. Our tests don't test that persistent storage isn't broken across releases. We can improve our testing here, and it would help a lot if we have more aggressive/widespread testing of our betas. We'll talk about this during the work week.
  • we'll spin a 1.5 Release Candidate today. Builder should take it, because the 1.5b3 it is currently using does not have the 1.4.3 fix in.


  • jetperf: ready for code review:
  • Thunderbird support:
    • lots of people want the SDK to work with Thunderbird. Ochameau opened a bug to help with this, and whimboo started work on the SDK. He's keen to get MozMill and other add-ons working with the SDK.
    • we don't have the resources to officially support Thunderbird. However, we can at least not intentionally break it by throwing exceptions.
  • it's not possible to pass XML between compartments without explicitly serializing it. We should raise a bug so we can at least find out why this is so.
  • Dietrich blogged about plans in 2012 to use the SDK to deliver Firefox features: