Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2012-3-20

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Daylight Savings Time is in effect for the US! Don't be late!


  • Action Item from last week: globals per compartment - action to figure out who would take a look at that and test to make sure we are ready for it.
  • Flightdeck
  • SDK
    • Spinning a 1.6b3 or 1.6rc1 tonight. Anything I should put on stabilization that isn't there already?
  • Roundtable
    • report from Jetpack web meeting last week


  • Jeff Griffiths
  • Dan Buchner
  • Will Bamberg
  • Jorge Villalobos
  • Wes Kocher
  • Dave Townsend
  • Irakli
  • Gabor
  • David Mason
  • Eddy Bruel
  • Alex Poirot


Globals per compartment change

  • no-one got assigned last week.
  • need to build with patch, run tests
  • volunteers?

Flight Deck

  • package.json work underway
  • releasing tomorrow
  • removing auth - not impossible, quite a bit of work?
    • Irakli: need a way to modify an add-on without having to copy an add-on


  • spinning 1.6 RC1, any changes?
    • Will's docs changes
    • Alex might have something? Oranges in the tree, might require changes, might also get changed on the test server side.
      • workaround in unit tests to be not broken
      • still an underlying issue
  • everyone: re-work Docs review? need to land in 1.6


  • report from meeting on Jetpack Web meeting with Greg, Jorge, Amy
    • agreement in principle to make changes
    • Will will re-jig proposal to accommodate some feedback