Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2012-3-6

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  • 1.6b1 still hasn't been built. Should bugs 733134 and 730482 block it?
    • The files that are ready to be pushed are up on the staging server and could use some testing. If you want to help test, clone the repository, checkout stabilization branch, then run the following commands and report back the results:
mkdir TEST_ZIP && cd TEST_ZIP && python ../bin/integration-scripts/integration-check --url
cd ..
mkdir TEST_TGZ && cd TEST_TGZ && python ../bin/integration-scripts/integration-check --url
cd ..
      • It would be good to get a mix of platform results.



  • Jorge Villalobos
  • dveditz
  • Brian Warner
  • Irakli Gozalshvili
  • Matteo Ferretti
  • Dave Townsend
  • Wes Kocher
  • Dave Mason
  • Will Bamberg
  • Gabor Krizsanits
  • Alex Poirot
  • Daniel Buchner
  • Dietrich Ayala



  • A couple of relatively small issues came up this week. We'll push a new version this week.
  • Next week, we'll add the ability to add key-value pairs to package.json, so users can add icons for their add-ons. It won't yet be possible to define preferences, but we're working on a UI to enable that, too.


  • We didn't ship 1.6b1 yet, because there are errors on the Linux build. We'll try to fix them today, and if we can't, ship 1.6b1 anyway to get more exposure to the problem. (Post-meeting update: We fixed the errors and expect to ship 1.6b1 on time after all.)


  • Matteo: are we still going to update minVersion/maxVersion, now we default to compatible? Because we haven't updated for 1.7-dev. 1.Yes, we should be doing this. We should also update the Fennec version, and decide which Fennec version we'll support for a given SDK.
  • Dave Mason: we'll be blogging about Firefox Extended Support Releases and add-ons this week, to clarify the compatibility situation.
  • Some GitHub accounts were broken into: although we don't think any Jetpack accounts were attacked, check you commits for weirdness.
  • Collusion was announced - Jetpack of the Week!