Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2013-02-05

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Open Bugs


  • Gregg
  • Erik
  • Mossop
  • Eddy
  • Will
  • Gabor
  • Wes
  • Alex


High Priority Work

Landing APIs in Firefox

Done! Now working on making the linker find them. Alex will help Irakli out with this, to free Erik for private browsing work.

Private Browsing

Erik is working on getting modules to act on the private-browsing flag.

Cross-domain content scripts

Gabor: filed patches, got feedback. Knows what to do, starting to update patches. Busy with work week. probably won't finish this week.

Panel positioning

Matteo has a JEP for this. Gregg has been working on enabling users to anchor panels.

FragmentOrElement objects in the CC graph bug 833783

Alex found a platform leak, which seems related but does not fix the problem. Still looking. Alex is working on an awesome leak-finding tool.


Green(ish) tree!

Mossop has been fixing our intermittent test failures. Now it's green, we want to keep it green.

WindowTracker replacement

We need a replacement for the deprecated WindowTracker. Irakli is working on it. Gregg: every UX prototype uses this pattern. Anything to simplify XUL manipulation is super-beneficial to UX.



Can someone look at these bugs to make sure they get some attention?


March work week

Book your travel and add to the wiki. Add ideas to the etherpad.


Eddy wrote a blog post:

Next up: Alex!