Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2013-05-28

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Awesomeness Schedule

Awesome Date Awesome Person - Awesome thing
05/20 Jeff - NativeWindow post - post drafted and now being re-worked in concert with another drafted post for hacks about the add-on competition.
05/27 Jordan - ?
06/03 Erik - Download Module
06/10 Gabor - ?


Triage Followups

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Open Bugs


  • Gabor
  • Jeff
  • Erik
  • Matteo
  • Wes
  • Alex
  • Mossop


  • Will
  • Irakli
  • Jordan



  • UX
    • Australis - not keeping add-on bar
    • badges & button group scoped until the next release cycle
      • won't have the additional apis needed from Australis until Fx26
  • Re-packs:
    • Will is sick:
      • I'm talking to Jordan today about trying to get a definitive list of which of which add-ons passed and which failed the automated tests, there are some discrepancies in the data he sent last week.
      • Today I'm going to get the list of add-on we didn't repack and see how far I can get towards sending out those emails.
      • I will need help from people to smoke test add-ons if we want it done in a reasonable time - can you ask for volunteers in the meeting? I'd say 3-5 people, 3 or 4 days each. I'll coordinate.
    • need victims to help re-packing:
      • Jeff, Erik, Matteo ( time allowing )
  • No other items, JSConf is this week
  • SDK: Matteo has huge review queue
  • Work week
    • people didn't see the email
    • need to get back to Joe ASAP with week preferences
  • Jeff's blog post is delayed, linked to an announce blog post for the add-ons competition.


  • Work week chatter, everyone should get back to Joe Walker ASAP about availability.