Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2013-10-22

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Triage Followups

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Open Bugs


  • Matteo
  • Erik
  • Will
  • Eddy
  • Jeff
  • Mossop
  • Wes
  • Jordan
  • Gabor
  • Irakli


High Priority Work

UX Work

Buttons: Matteo working on page actions for Fx for Android and Fx Desktop. Finish by end of week/month. Still leaving panel integration issue as that behavior isn't agreed.

Toolbars: Erik: has a PR. Also work on menu items.

Add-on Debugger

Eddy: no progress. Working on ES6 modules. Jeff: can we even get try builds? Should be. Eddy, will check.

Native Jetpack Support

Updated JEP, got some comments back from Irakli.

Ship 1.15

Erik reviewed yesterday, just need to squash changes and land it. We could make a beta, 2 weeks of beta, then release!




  • Discuss reorganizing module locations, node modules[2]. Jordan could make a proposal for how to organize, then we can figure out how to do it without breaking add-ons.
  • New project: slaughterhouse, removing the CoWs. Why? security bugs. Big implications for the SDK. Gabor is on this.