Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2014-06-10

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Open Bugs


  • Jeff
  • Erik
  • Irakli
  • Jordan
  • Connor
  • Will
  • zombie
  • Matteo

High Priority Work

Native Jetpack Support

Erik: Nothing to report, been on JPM.


Erik: landed 2 patches to read preferences. One last piece for JPM, hopefully get it done this week. Irakli: that is ambitious.

Devtools SDK

Discussions last week in Portland. Message channels are enabled for chrome code finally. Ready for review. Jordan: it's a lot to review: would like more clarity on which bits need review. Lots of example code, does it all need to be reviewed as well?

Weekly meetings have started on this, including Irakli and Honza.

Connor: redesign after Portland discussions, Connor, going to rework the JEP and re-post it.


e10s updates (zombie)

  • 1023326 switch to frame scripts for tab content events
  • have a PR ready, with all our tabs and windows tests passing
  • bug also with a hack around a special case of first tab in a new window
  • i would like to duplicate what platform does for this case
  • or at least the least hacky way around, help welcome! ;)


  • how do we test add-on compatibility with new Firefox versions? This is something AMO do: they run static analysis looking through add-ons for things that have been changed or deprecated. How do we handle deprecation in the SDK? We start emitting warnings, which will be visible to reviewers.