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Team Goals

L10n q2 2017 roadmap.jpg

Please ensure that all individual goals are contributing to our OKRs for this year. Citing the OKR that your Q2 goal contributes to in your goal section is prefered.



  • x-channel
    • initial repository created
    • code to create that is the same code to update
    • project-configuration will be off of .ini files, and feed x-channel automation
    • updating code runs in automation
    • Tests run in automation to verify that we don't change existing strings
  • stretch: automation on taskcluster, details TBD



Firefox Desktop

  • Support cross-channel repository initiative through:
    • [blocked, Q3] Initial testing and support.
    • [OK] Enabling all localizations on mozilla-central (builds, repositories, communication to other projects).
    • [blocked, Q3] Creating documentation for new processes.
    • [blocked, Q3] Adding support for cross-channel repository in Transvision.
    • [blocked, Q3] Discussing with release management about shipping updates on release and ESR channels.
  • [OK] Move 1/2 locales in the pipeline towards release with Firefox 55.
  • [blocked, Q3] Support DevTools moving to an external GitHub repository.

Other products, support for mozilla.org and mobile

  • Complete documentation tasks from Q1:
    • [OK] Unify documentation for setting up productization.
  • [partial] Support transition of Mobile (Android, iOS) to a centralized searchplugin system.
  • [OK] Support Test Pilot experiments and system add-ons (review, infrastructure).

String tiers

  • [blocked] Get string tiers implemented in tools (Pootle, Pontoon).


  • [ongoing] Identify inactive locales, reach out to them, try to find new contributors, remove them from builds if that fails (long term goal for 2017).


Switch to DLC in Firefox for Android

  • [+] Land L10nRegistry+L20n in Mozilla-Central
  • [+] Update L10n Build system for L20n
  • [-] Coordinate the DLC hooking into L10nRegistry

Firefox for Desktop + L20n

  • [+] Design a roadmap for the post-quantum transition

Tech Evangelism

  • [-] Execute 2nd round of feedback on Fluent (Framework communities)
  • [-] Prepare Fluent data-model changes proposal for ICU
  • [+] Coordinate progress of ECMA402 proposals

Gecko Intl/L10n modernization

  • [+] Deprecate obsolete Intl APIs and prefs


  • [+] Support Perceived-Performance experiments in the area of l10n impact on bootstrap
  • [+] Get L10nDrivers involved in User Research / Photon project


  • Taking lessons learned from Barcelona workshop, revamp success criteria, format, and goals for workshops.
  • Create and implement localizer messaging strategy for Dawn and upcoming Firefox features within the community.
    • Bi-monthly vidyo call with the community.
    • Revamped Firefox l10n report.
  • Define success for l10n team & volunteers at All Hands within the new format.
  • Create cross-functional l10n taskforce.



  • [DONE] Land in-app notification system.
  • [DONE] Define email notifications specification using in-app notification observations.


  • [DONE] Migrate Test Pilot to Fluent.
  • [WIP] Land UI to support Fluent features for Firefox for Android (bug 1280686).


  • [DONE] Complete Google Summer of Code 1st evaluation period or cancel GSoC.
  • [BLOCKED, Q3] Assist Jotes in landing Terminology support.
  • [WIP] Add ability to show suggestions from non-Pontoon locales in the "Locales" tab.
  • [DONE] Make a step forward in showing errors (TBD).



  1. Optimize l20n.js for Firefox for Android.

(Launch next gen Firefox desktop). L20n.js can already be used to localize Firefox for Android. The recent work on the migration resulted in a number of ideas that I'd like to incorporate.

[ ] Update l20n.js to the new L10nRegistry

 [ ] Update the Localization class to async/await and async generators
  1. Prepare the migration of Android localization files to Fluent.

(Launch next gen Firefox desktop). In order to land l20n.js in Firefox for Android, we need to support Fluent in the localization infrastructure. This includes support in Pontoon, compare-locales and elmo. We also need a way to automatically port existing translations to the new format.

[ ] Write migration scripts (DTD to Fluent, properties to Fluent)

 [ ] Write tools required by Pontoon to implement FTL support
  1. Create Fluent bindings for React

(Launch next gen Firefox desktop). React is already used by Devtools. It is also commonly chosen by the developers working on Test Pilot experiments and Web Extensions. By creating the bindings we're directly catering to these use-cases. React is also being considered for the post-XUL Firefox UI.

[ ] Get feedback on the current prototype

 [ ] Publish a first version of the complete solution
  1. Spec out an internal tool for sharing weekly status updates.

Alfred is ready for graduating from being just an experiment.

[ ] Document the purpose of the tool and its design philosophy.

 [ ] Create the roadmap taking into account feedback received so far.
 [ ] Reach one milestone on the roadmap.

Theo (optional)