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Team Goals

Please ensure that individual goals (all or part) are contributing to our 2017 OKRs for localization. Citing the OKR that your Q3 goal contributes to in your goal section is preferred.

  • Cross-channel - Axel, J, M, F, D
  • AWS Migration - Axel, J, F
  • UI for FTL in Pontoon - Matjaz, S, Ax, Ad, Z, D, J, F, P, T
  • Localizer-facing documentation - Jeff, flod, P, D, K
  • Agreement with relman to ship l10n updates on release & ESR - flod, J, Z, D, F
  • “Firefox in your language” community marketing kit - Peiying, T, F, J, D
  • Deliver the same localizations on Fx Mobile as our competitors. - Delphine
  • Localization Asset Analysis Updates - Kekoa, Delphine, Matjaz, J, P, T, F
  • Community Workshops - Jeff, P, D, F, T
  • Pudelo - Jeff, Ax, Ad, M, F, D, P



Deliver cross-channel localization infrastructure

  • [ ] Initial Repository for Fx, Fx Android, Thunderbird (w/ calendar), SeaMonkey
  • [ ] Update logic to incrementally update the initial repository with new landings
  • [ ] Test infrastructure on m-c to ensure all the constraints that x-channel brings
  • [ ] Automated updates to upstream repository
  • [ ] Support new config in elmo, add support for x-channel automation
  • [ ] (releng) Deploy changes in automation to pick up x-channel l10n repos

Host l10n automation and l10n.m.o on the cloud

  • TBD on the scope of the action, options are existing infra on AWS, or new automation infra on TC


  • Complete localizer-facing documentation we defined during All-Hands
  • Create Pudelo-related documentation with corresponding doc and start necessary outreach, in regards to mobile (outreach not limited to mobile)
  • Investigate and scope out languages needed for the Zerda project. Work closely with mobile teams involved to advise on l10n (already started this week)
  • Train communities at Asuncion in view of Pudelo
  • Mentor Kekoa through his current goals
  • l10n report: continue improving the report based on community feedback (ongoing)
  • Support Photon mobile l10n (more detailed info coming next week)


Firefox Desktop

  • [OK] Support localization for Firefox 57: Photon, Activity Stream and Firefox Screenshots integration in the browser.
  • Support cross-channel repository initiative through:
    • [blocked, Q4] (from Q2) Initial testing and support.
    • [blocked, Q4] (from Q2) Creating documentation for new processes.
    • [blocked, Q4] (from Q2) Adding support for cross-channel repository in Transvision.
    • [blocked, Q4] (from Q2) Starting discussion with release management about shipping updates on release and ESR channels.
    • [blocked, Q4] (from Q2) Support DevTools move to an external GitHub repository.

Other products, tools, support for mozilla.org and mobile

  • Documentation:
    • [OK] Complete Q3 tasks in documentation: How to drop a locale.
  • [OK] Complete Q3 tasks in localizer-documentation: How to use Pontoon, How to test Firefox desktop.
  • [OK] Clean up documentation (Pootle removal).
  • [OK] (ongoing) Support Test Pilot experiments and system add-ons (review, localization setup, infrastructure).
  • [OK] Clean up tools (Pootle removal).


  • [blocked, Q4] (from Q2, blocked by new project configurations) Get string tiers implemented in tools (Pootle, Pontoon).
  • [] (ongoing) Identify inactive locales, reach out to them, try to find new contributors, remove them from builds if that fails (long term goal for 2017).


Help ship Quantum Flow/Photon Flow by taking a few bugs from their list per week until 57

Run the 2nd round of feedback on Fluent (frameworks&platforms)

Develop an MVP version of Fluent Rust

Land Fluent Localization and FluentDOM in Gecko


  • Create and run pilots of new workshop formats for Asunción and Berlin.
  • Gather team input and create plan for our 5-day work week in Berlin.
  • Start cross-functional localization taskforce.
  • Planning for 2018 budget and team strategy.



  • [] Add robust Terminology support to Pontoon.
    • [] Spec terminology translation UI (no adding of terms required).
    • [] Implement terminology translation UI (bug 1381959).
    • [] Implement terminology integration into translate process (bug 1243140).
  • [] Deliver advanced Fluent UI in Pontoon (bug 1362072).


  • [] Implement errors and warnings via compare-locales (bug 1237667).
  • [] Search across all team projects (bug 1305281).


  • [] Complete Google Summer of Code 2nd & 3rd evaluation period.
  • [] Add ability to show suggestions from non-Pontoon locales in the "Locales" tab (bug 1350546).


  • "Firefox in your language” community marketing kit
    • Make it a localizer-facing documentation and open to community for feedback.
    • Share marketing messages (not on mozilla.org) through social media and communication channels.
    • Solicit and share images that can be printed locally and templates that can duplicated with localized content.
  • Complete writing the localiser-facing documentation on github per assignment at SF all hands: SUMO, MDN, AMO, Snippets, Newsletter/email.
  • Participation in planning and organisation of community workshops for H2.
  • Marketing: create an onboarding process that involves multiple parties to collaborate, communicate, and create regional marketing content for the the fall campaigns in different regions. Parties include: l10n community volunteers, marketing hired agencies, Mozilla new hires, and localization agency.
  • Pudelo


  1. Add a solution for localizing DOM fragments to fluent-react. (3 weeks)

Related objective: Prepare Firefox desktop for implementation of next gen l10n framework & new i18n standard specifications after launch of Quantum.

[✓] Review the solution currently implemented in fluent-dom.

 [✓] Research current solutions in other i18n libraries for React
 [✓] Research approaches to parsing HTML in translations
 [MISSED] Implement
 [MISSED] Write tests and documentation
  1. Implement Fluent 0.3 resolver spec in fluent-rs (3 weeks)

Related objective: Prepare Firefox desktop for implementation of next gen l10n framework & new i18n standard specifications after launch of Quantum.

[✓] Support ExternalArguments: only strings and numbers for now

 [✓] Support VariantExpression
 [✓] Support AttributeExpression
 [✓] Support SelectExpression
 [✓] Support Tags as selectors
 [DROPPED] Support CallExpression
  1. Create fluent-lint for linting FTL files and autofixing them (2 weeks)

Related objective: Prepare Firefox desktop for implementation of next gen l10n framework & new i18n standard specifications after launch of Quantum.

DROPPED in favor of x-channel.

[DROPPED] Create a set of rules for formatting, whitespace and indentation, called Fluent Standard.

 [DROPPED] Create a tool for reporting linting errors in FTL files.
 [DROPPED] Add an option to autofix linting errors.
  1. Create a v1 of the API endpoint supporting queries related to aggregate statistics per locale and per project (2 weeks)

Related objective: Optimize and streamline the string life cycle for throughput efficiency to maximize community localizer impact, output, and quality (i.e., continuous localization).

[✓] Document research on REST and GraphQL

 [✓] Make an informed decision and choose one
 [✓] Implement the chosen solution
 [✓] Help build a simple dashboard (e.g. using processeer.io) to visualize the data described in bug 1302053


  • Improve performance of Pontoon
  • Add ability to reject suggestions, instead of deleting them
  • Use fluent-react on a side project and provide feedback
  • Help with Pudelo


Asset Analysis

  • [] Create general termbase for Mozilla.org and FireFox
  • [] Migrate current style guides to Gitbook
  • [] Make style guides accessible to and manageable by communities


  • [] Resources for Translation
  • [] How to Localize in Pontoon


  • [] Design and implement terminology management in Pontoon UI

Theo (optional)