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Here we're collecting ideas for improving Pontoon, before we put them into Bugzilla. Please describe them below and include any references to more detailed explanation.


  • When you open a website and Pontoon has it's translation to your language, we could just load it and retranslate the page.
  • That could end up as a separate extension allowing people to get pages translated by others.
  • Something like universal subtitles for websites.

Feedback collector

  • Similar to those small vertical tabs that ask for feedback on certain websites, I can imagine an interface that users can use to submit feedback about copy and translations on the page they're currently viewing.
  • Example flow: click the "feedback" tab, select the DOM element that you want to give feedback on, type the description of the issue ("a typo") or a suggestion for a new translation, hit submit. Behind the scenes, a request to Pontoon API is made and a new suggestion is recorded.