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Spanish, Chile (es-CL)

Localization Registration Bug

Active team members

Name Email Role Desktop OS Hg Access?
Richard von Moltke ravmn "arroba" ravmn.cl Localization Owner macOS YES; Level 1 L10n
Joaquín Haeussler josotrix "arroba" ravmn.cl Translator Windows No
Carlos Riveros saeed "arroba" ravmn.cl QA Windows No
Vedran Tomicic vtomicicc "arroba" uft.edu Firefox for Android, Web components QA macOS YES; Level 1 L10n


  • For a list of projects, take a look at Pontoon
  • Everyone helps in every project doing a particular thing. It could be Suggesting, Translating or doing QA.

L10n kit

Translation Memory
  • Bookmarks = Marcadores
  • Addons = Complementos
  • Sidebar = Barra lateral
  • Downloads = Descargas
  • Downloading = Bajando
  • Find out = Descubre
  • Firefox Account = Cuenta de Firefox
  • Start = Comenzar
  • Try again = Volver a intentarlo
  • email adress = email
  • delete = eliminar
  • remove = remover
  • report = informar
  • websites: sitios (without web)
  • pin = fijar
  • Would you like = quieres
Style Guide at GitHub

How to join this l10n team

  • Contact the owners by mail
  • Sugest where you can help us, and tell us your experience with Mozilla products
  • Have you helped translating other programs? Which ones?
  • Give us any other information that you think is interesting
  • Send cakes to the owners


Previous Contributors

Emilio Sepúlveda <emisepulvedam "arroba" gmail.com>
Pablo Olmos de Aguilera Corradini <pablo.olmosdeaguilera "arroba" gmail.com>
Francisco Collao <pcollaog "arroba" firefox.cl>
Gustavo Munro <sharpiewolf "arroba" ravmn.cl>